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RAPIDE Messenger Bike

[Team Raleigh Colours]

A superb racing machine! Rapide is all about British-made craft and engineering. A charming collector’s piece, Rapide is a fully reconditioned and tuned up top tiered 1970s TEAM RALEIGH Rapide. A solid long distance roadie, Rapide comes in its ultra rare full original setup. Running on Rigida rims, 10-speed Suntour VX gearing system, Maillard hubs with the soul of Reynolds tubing, this stallion is ready set go!


COLNAGO CT-1 Messenger Bike

[54cm frame, single-speed/ optional 10-speed]

[Titanium / Carbon]

A classy and contemporary ride with a twist! This custom-built early 1980s Colnago CT-1 in beautiful used condition re-lives the glory days of Italian owned and made craftmanship. The Colnago CT is stripped down to its essentials and custom built with Nitto handlebar, inverse brake levers, Campagnolo Eurus wheelset and its original Ultegra groupset. Hella!

[Optional set up: original 10-speed group set, Flight Deck Shifters and Ergal 7075 drop bar.]


RALEIGH RSW MKII Velocommute Bike

[44cm frame; 3-speed Sturmey Archer]

[Champagne Brown]

The original mini-velo – the Raleigh RSW MKII is a rare, collector’s bike that is specially released from Vanguard’s private collection. With its full original setup, this immaculately kept 1960s collector’s piece has been reconditioned and fitted with Sturmey Archer’s 3-speed cruising options, original grip shifters as well as a dynamo hub. This elegantly constructed bicycle comes dressed with a fully-sprung saddle and 16-inch cream balloon tyres. Your perfect urban companion!



[48cm frame, 10-speed Campagnolo]

[Transparent Green, White & Red]

Living the life it was made to live, this sweet ride has been fully reconditioned with its original wonderful patina kept intact. This rare small frame built in 1958 by Legnano is paired with Campagnolo parts from the 1950s to the 80s. We refitted the front and Crank set with Campagnolo Athena, keeping the original Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur intact. Simply Pedalicious.


LUCIANA Messenger Bike

[48cm frame, single speed / coaster hub]

[Blue, Light Blue, Pearl, White]

Luciana is built as a sweet and simple ride around a 1980s Olmo road frame. With a fresh coat of paint over a pair of N.O.S Alessa rims, a plush Concor saddle and a matching Olmo shaped laser cut high flange hub, this chic Lolita is ready to roll.


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BIANCHI REKORD 745 Velocommute Bike

[55cm frame, 10 speed Shimano 600]


The fully reconditioned 1970s Bianchi Rekord 745 is built up with a custom-built swallow bar and fitted it with inverse brake levers. A 10-speed gearing option from a period correct Shimano 600 group sets the pace for long distant commutes around town. Running buttery smooth on Wolber rims and Victtoria tubulars, this steel stallion is top off with a Brooks Flyer saddle and matching grips.


ROBIN HOOD Velocommute Bike

[50.5cm frame; 3-speed Sturmey Archer gears]

[Robin Egg Blue]

A charming and nostalgic ride – Robin Hood is your satorial companion through the quays. Fully-reconditioned with its existing original parts and components, this 1970s ride also comes accessorised with handmade leather pannier bags, sewn up bar grips, a new pair of stylish brown balloon tyres and 3-speed cruising options from Sturmey Archer.



[44cm frame; 3-speed Sturmey Archer gears]

[Vintage Military Green]

This super rare, non-foldable 1960s Raleigh Twenty Shopper is the latest release from Vanguard’s private collection. With its classic clean lines and mini-velo frame structure, Raleigh Twenty Shopper is geared for a lifetime of pedal fun! It rides superbly and it comes with its original parts and accessories – including the original vintage detachable shopping bag, matching Lemet saddle, original grip shifter as well as working front and rear halogen safety lights – all intact and in amazing condition!


BIANCHI Velocommute Bike

Special release from Vanguard’s private collection

[58cm frame; 10-speed Campagnolo Record]


Bianchi Campione Del Mondo CX 1977 was built to commemorate cycling legend Angelo Fausto Coppi’s win at the Giro d'Italia - World Championship Road Race in 1953. This beauty is fitted with pantographed 3TTT head stem, elegant Columbus Aelle lug work, complete Campagnolo Record gearing system, Gipiemme hubs and Wolber Invulnerable 700c race tyres. Feel this ride!


BSA CITY Velocommute Bike

[44cm frame; 3-speed Sturmey Archer]

[Metallic Light Blue]

The BSA City was one of the last remaining models built before BSA’s production ceased in the early 1980s. This rare find has been fully reconditioned to ride along those tree lined pathways. With its complete original setup from the Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub to the rims, tyres and saddle, this ‘pedalicious’ mini-velo is yours to ride and keep for a lifetime.


HOLDSWORTH Velocommute Bike

[56cm frame; 3-speed Sturmey Archer]

[Vintage Gloss Black]

Holdsworth is a regal steel stallion that’s perfectly suited for city commuting. A collector’s piece – its frame was constructed with Reynolds 531 tubing in the 1980s, and has been restored and fitted with upright  handlebars, copper riveted Brooks Flyer saddle, 3-speed Sturmey Archer gears, stainless steel fenders, classic 27 inch Rigida touring rims as well as a handy Glenbrook saddle bag. This handsome ride is ready to go the distance!


JONAS Velocommute Bike

[54.5cm frame, coaster brake]

[British Racing Green]

Jonas – a fully reconditioned 1960s Raleigh Roadster – is an exquisite dapper that’s re-built with a coaster hub brake, a dashing pair of English threaded tyres, Brooks leather wear and a custom-made LED headlamp. Cruise along the river or off the beaten tracks, Jonas is your staple steed.


DOVER Messenger Bike

[50.5cm frame; coaster brake]

[Classic Matt Black]

Dover is a simple, elegant, fuss-free bike built up from a reconditioned 1960s Raleigh Sport frame. Sporting 700c balloon tyres and a wicker basket, Dover is your everyday reliable city commuter. From a solid British constructed frame, Dover is setup as a single-speed, back-to-basics bike for all occasions. Boardtracking, café runs or beach cruising, this is truly yours.


EDDY MERCKX Messenger Bike

Special release from Vanguard’s private collection

[Classic Metallic Blue]

The Eddy Merckx velocommute bike is indeed a prized collector’s piece. This original vintage bike is in exquisite condition, and is tuned up to be race ready. This bike was built by Ugo De Rosa in tribute to one of the greatest racers of our time – Eddy Merckx – for Le Tour de France, the Giro  d’Italia, Paris-Roubaix and the World Championships of the 60s and 70s. It comes fully-fiited with mint-condition Campagnolo Record parts and original vintage componentry right down to its tyres and spokes!


SAINT GERMAIN Messenger Bike

[Classic Red, Black & White]

Saint Germain is a speedy, sexy racing machine. This rare, exquisite piece of kinetic sculpture is an all-original vintage 1975 PEUGEOT PR10 in unbelievably pristine condition. It is a cult collector’s piece in top racing form. Built with 531 Reynolds tubing and Nervex Lugs, this complete original setup comes fitted with Stronglight 49D Cranks, 10-speed Simplex Prestige gearing system, sewn up Wolber tyres, Mafac brakes, Ideale Record Saddle and pump.


RUFUS Messenger Bike

[British Racing Green]

Rufus is a fully-reconditioned, ultra rare 1931 Raleigh Gents “Irish Cross-Frame” Roadster that was made for the Irish police force. Meticulously rebuilt using the finest British and European components that includes a coaster hub brake, handmade Irish saddle, a handsomely crafted Brooks bag, 28-inch Deli Tyres and a handsome North Road handlebar. The special “X” formation used gives the bike the additional strength exactly where it is needed. This dashing, super sturdy roadster is truly a unique piece of history and craftsmanship that guarantees a quality ride that will last a lifetime.


MASI Messenger Bike

[Shamrock Green & Cream]

‘Masi Speciale Fixed’ is Vanguard’s pick as the best value all round single speed or fixed wheel commuter. Custom-built around its well-crafted double butted chromoly steel frame and lugged fork, this stylish ride is ready to roll!


ETHEL Velocommute Bike

[British Racing Green]

Ethel, a fully-reconditioned and custom-built 1970s BSA ladies bike, is your classic urban commuter with a practical step-through frame. Running on a pair of sassy brown tyres, Ethel even comes with a brand new original vintage front and rear Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub with integrated drum brakes. Quintessential and elegant in its ride and feel, she comes ready with a hand-woven basket, a ladies specific Brooks saddle as well as a LED converted headlamp.


CHAPLIN Velocommute Bike

[Classic Gloss Black]

Chaplin is a fully-reconditioned 1960s Raleigh Special Sport - the fourth bike in our Vintagent collection. Specially dressed in handmade wooden fenders, Sturmey Archer drum brakes, Brooks leatherwear, together with a dashing pair of whitewall tyres, Chaplin exudes nostalgia and charm of the yesteryears. Fitted with an original vintage battery operated “camera” headlamp for night rides off the beaten path, this dandy ride spells of chic simplicity.


CHARLES Velocommute Bike

[British Racing Green]

Charles is an ultra rare, brand-new (it came in its original box!) original vintage 1960s Hercules Roadster. A gentlemen’s ride of choice, Charles comes with rear pannier bags, a dashing pair of brown tyres, Sturmey Archer 3-speed gearing system as well as choice selected Brooks leatherwear. Long distance urban commuting or along country trials, Charles is the ultimate classic ride that is  functional, easy to maintain and über stylish.


BSA PARATROOPER Velocommute Bike (BSA R7606)

[British Military Green]

From Vanguard’s private collection, the WWII BSA Paratrooper is an ultra rare and fully-stocked 1942 para-military folding bike. This exquisite museum-worthy piece comes with its authentic serial number, original British parts and components, including its front and rear brakes, wheel set, tyres, pedals, free-wheel, crank, and frame. One of the few (in full working and riding condition) in existence in the world today, this priceless find is specially released for all collectors and aficionados.


EDWARD Velocommute Bike

[Vintage Royal Black]

Edward is a rare collector’s piece from Vanguard’s private collection. Meticulously reconditioned and custom-built with a rare 1960s Hercules Roadster frame and fitted with all things British – including 3-speed hub gears, hubs brakes, handlebar, a double sprung Brooks saddle, bag and hand pump – Edward is released for all collectors and aficionados. A superbly sturdy ride with a commanding road presence, Edward is your original city bike that’s built to last a life time. Bring the soul back to our streets!


THISTLE Velocommute bike

[British Racing Green, Chrome]

Singapore cycle chic is here to stay! This fully reconditioned ‘Baby Dutch cruiser ‘ is one charming beauty.  Fitted with 26 inch English Threaded Tires, Thistle is a smaller more manageable scale of its parent Dutch cruisers. Fitted with a brand new Sturmey Archer 3-speed integrated geared hub and coaster brake, you’ll all set and ready to roll! Throw in a few bottles of vino along the way would you.


HERCULES Velocommute Bicycle

From Vanguard’s private collection, the ‘Hercules Roadster’ is a rare, fully-stocked, original 1970s vintage bike. Fitted with all things British including 3-speed gears, hubs, brakes, rims and spokes with a fully sprung Brooks saddle and hand pump, this stallion is released specially for all collectors and aficionados. Bring the soul back to our streets!



The Raleigh Sports Tandem Velocommute Series is a ultra rare classic with a limited built of only 600 pieces worldwide! Specially made for the Dutch market in the late 70s, this classic gem comes with British-made 3-speed gears, roller brake hubs, Belgium rims and Brooks outwear. Not only does it encapsulate the nostalgic romance of biking, it is an elegant and smooth ride on the road – and a definite show stopper!



[British Racing Green]

This regal steed has stood the test of time. From utilitarian needs to leisure pursuits, the Raleigh Roadster still turns heads as she graces the streets. An elegant and timeless ride. This fully stocked original also comes with an antique headlamp as well as a Brooks saddle.



[Vintage British Racing Green]

The epitome of vintage cycle chic. The Ladies Raleigh Sport circa 1974. Elegantly  crafted, this quintessential urban ride comes with 3-speed sturmey archer gears, dynamo headlights and a special edition brooks saddle and handle grips.



[Vintage British Racing Green]

The Raleigh Sport is the epitome of British utilitarian, simplistic beauty. Its upright, laid-back riding position create a rig that is elegant and comfortable. You’ll love the Sturmey Archer front and rear drum brakes and 3-speed internal gear hub. Other fine touches include front and rear headlights, ‘Brooks’ saddle and a rear carrier.


‘METROPOLE’ Velocommute Bike

[Ocean Blue & Chrome]

Our endearing French city cruiser; ‘Metropole’ is designed and built using a 1970s Peugeot Mixte frame and fork. Elegantly dressed in full chrome fenders, a Sturmey Archer 3-speed geared hub and a pair of vintage brakes, she’ll be your perfect riding companion for life.


You’ll find special original collector’s pieces and rare reconditioned frames that we built our bikes with!Pashley.html


[52cm frame, 12 speed Campagnolo Victory]

[Gun Metal Silver]

A special release from Vanguard’s attic; featuring a fully reconditioned and classy 1970s Gran Premio frame and custom build with choice Campagnolo parts and componentry from the atelier. With its superb lug work, chrome accents and a dash of some dapper leather work, this timeless ride rolls with style and grace.


SIMONE Messenger Bike

[61cm frame, single speed / coaster hub]

[Steve Roche’s triple winning colours]

Like it says on the frame ‘World Champion ‘87’ – this bike was originally built as a commemorative piece to Steve Roche’s triple-winning Battaglin. Custom-built from a N.O.S 1987 Battaglin frame, Simone will now take on the joys and freedom of mobility in the urban context. This beautifully lugged Columbus Cromor frame now runs on 700c commuter tyres that spin effortlessly in single-speed style, Aero drop bar for the cockpit and a slim carbon saddle.


CORSO Messenger Bike

[60cm frame, single speed / coaster hub]

[Olmo Team Colours]

Corso – twenty six years living in the fast lane and there’s no stopping him. Corso is custom build from a rare 1985 Olmo Time Trial frame and is fitted with similarly rare componentry from Gipiemme headset and bottom bracket to a Cinelli stem and a Campagnolo pista crank. An urban assault machine with its short wheelbase and responsive feel, Corso is a marriage of old world Italian craftmanship with new world custom soul culture.

Price: SGD3,000


Bianchi Super Leggera Velocommute Bike

[55cm frame, 10 speed Campagnolo Nuovo Valentino Extra]

This fully reconditioned 1967 Bianchi Super Leggera has been custom built with specially selected parts and componentry. Featuring a rare 10-speed Campagnolo Nuovo Valentino Extra group set, Gran Sport pedals, Ciussi bottle holder and a TTT engraved stem, this ride is all about classic italian chic. Having it as a daily commuter, the bike is dressed with ultra strong Nisi rims on Continental Sprinter tyres, an upright Porteur handlebar, matching hand pump and Brooks leather wear... simply stunning!



[55cm frame, 10 speed Shimano 600 / Dura Ace]

[Titanium Décor Paint Schema]

The Colnago Bitubo Titanio from the 90s features an ultra rare rounded top tube, double down tubes and its unique Décor Paint Schema. This special ride is custom built with Campagnolo and Dura Ace componentry, anodised Modolo brakes and finished off with an ultra rare set of 700c Spinergy rims!


COLNAGO ARABESQUE 30th Anniversary

[48cm frame, 10 speed Campagnolo Super Record]

[Turquoise Cromovelato]

*Ultra rare, collector’s piece

The Colnago Arabesque is a special release from Vanguard’s private collection. It is an extremely rare collector’s piece from Colnago’s 30th anniversary in 1984. Made in limited numbers of 400 pieces, this 48cm frame is fully decked out with Pantographed Campagnolo Super Record parts and componentry. Top it off with a pair of titanium Shamal wheels and its ready to go!


MR SMITH Velocommute Bike

[50.5cm, 3-speed Sturmey Archer]

Mr Smith is a fully reconditioned Raleigh Sports bike from the early 1970s. Fitted with a Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub with integrated front and rear drum brakes, original parts and componentry, which include the pedals and a rust free chain cover. A classic and timeless ride with that priceless patina, Mr Smith is one handsome workhorse.



[55cm frame, fixed wheel]

[British Racing Green]

Tommy Godwin; one of Britain’s greatest track cyclist in the 1940s and 50s, now at aged 91, an ambassador for the 2012 London Olympics. As a tribute to this great athlete, the team at Vanguard’s atelier worked on the restoration of a 1940s BSA Pathracer. Keeping and resurrecting as much of the original setup as possible, this museum worthy piece runs on wooden tubular rims, a 1940s bolt on rear brake, a freshly chromed handlebar and a repainted 3 rifles headbadge.

Price: SGD$4,000



[57cm frame, fixed wheel] [Laser Blue]

This exquisite 1984 Cinelli Laser Pista is one of the 300 custom made Lasers ever produced. Designed by Antonio Colombo, engineered by Paolo Erzegovesi for legendary track cyclists such as Lothar Thoms and Hans-Henrik Oersted and made by hand by Andrea Pesenti, and, the Laser embodies a synergistic integration of design and engineering into a work of art. Special features include Columbus SLX tubing, a pantographed Cinelli stem, Campagnolo Pista crank arms, Unicator saddle, Comete disc wheel and the first clipless pedal - the M71- to name a few, this is Italian cycling culture at its very best!

Price: upon request