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limited-edition bicycles

CHURCHILL Messenger Bike

[Vintage Gloss black]

The team from Vanguard’s atelier had been itching to build a classic ride of this scale for awhile. And with the motivation at hand, we decided to give it a go! Churchill, a fully hand-built scaled-down version of the original fixed gear bike – the Penny Farthing of the 1800s, a.k.a. The Bone Shaker is designed using the strongest and lightest high tensile steel tubing available, hand-made steel-belted full rubber tyres, our signature headlamp and fitted with Brooks B33 saddle, Churchill is a ride for all to revel!


SUNDAE Messenger Bike

[Chrome, Baby Blue & Tangerine]

Sundae is an über chic baby blue and chrome sister bike of Sherbert that also comes fully restored and crafted from a 1970s Ishiwata racing frame. Cool, sophisticated with a hint of nostalgia, Sundae is designed as a quintessential ultra-smooth single-speed commuter that comes fitted with limited-edition deep-section rims, cream tyres and Brooks leather saddle.


CALEY Messenger Bike

[High Gloss White & Chrome]

Meet Caley – a fully restored and reconditioned 1960s Raleigh Sport Bike that is set up as a sweet yet no-nonsense, speedy machine. This custom-built single speed unisex ride is fitted with a  coaster hub brake, long wearing touring tyres, a pair of sassy handlebar grips and the quintessential plush metallic finished saddle.


DEXTER Messenger Bike

[Frost Bite Metal finish]

Dexter – a specially restored and custom built 1960s Raleigh Superb Sport bike – takes its references from early British board track racers and the Steam Punk culture. With limited-edition reptile print rims, compound cork grips, internal brake levers and an option of  free-coasting/fixed gear setup, this British steed is ready to roll! Wicked!


TRITON Messenger Bike

[Matt Black & Chrome]

The inspiration for Triton came from a singular thought where speed meets metal. Triton is a revved up pedal powered café racer that’s custom built and fabricated from a 1970s Panasonic 10-speed racer. Fitted with a coaster hub brake, Nitto Bullhorn bars and a Sugino crank set, this fierce record racer is ready to roll!


DERBY Messenger Bike

[Chrome & Matt Black]

Feel the pulse of the city with this sleek terrain climber/downtown sprinter! Specially fabricated and restored from a 1970s Dawes classic lightweight machine, Derby now comes with a fresh setup of Vittoria Randonneur tyres, B17 Flyer saddle and the quintessential Cinelli drop bar. Its all cruise control from here on!


EVAN Messenger Bike

[Matt Black & Bronze]

Evan is conceived and rebuilt with the image of an all-rounded urban single-speedster inspired by Flat Track Bikes for its striped down proportions and raw functionality. Restored and re-fabricated using a 1970s ‘Nishiki’ multi-speed Japanese road bike, Evan is dressed with an uncompromising Brooks saddle and coaster hub brake for clean lines and low maintenance. Dirt, grass or gravel, Evan is ready to roll!


RAIN Messenger Bike

[White & Chrome]

Rain Messenger Bike expresses the moment when the bicycle “slices” through falling rain, seen through a sheet of rain that falls in horizontal lines. Custom-fabricated and crafted using a 1970s Ishiwata touring frame, Rain was brazed and re-proportioned, and built as an elegant single speed bike that comes fitted with a coaster hub brake.


MIST Messenger Bike

[Ash, White & Chrome]

Mist Messenger Bike is an expression of heavy mist precipitating at the break of dawn, glistening in half darkness through its reflection of a water droplet in light. Specially restored and custom-built using a 1970s Ishiwata touring frame, Mist comes fitted with a coaster hub brake, chrome finished handlebar grips as well as puncture resistant 700-C tyres.


DEW Messenger Bike

[White & Chrome]

Dew Messenger Bike expresses the changing densities of atmospheric moisture through condensation as the bicycle moves forward through time. Dew Messenger Bike is designed to capture the experience the first formation of water droplets, as if charting the precise moment when night transits into day. Dew is meticulously restored, re-welded and fabricated using a 1970s Ishiwata touring frame, and fitted with a coaster hub brake and a magnesium alloy aero rim.


CLOUD Messenger Bike

[Pewter, White & Chrome]

Our inspiration for Cloud Messenger Bike dwells in the overlapping layers of cloud and sky. Using the bicycle as a visual portal to express these two sublime layers –as if the bike is passing through these layers that are frozen in time – qualities of light and space that are transmitted through this interaction are captured. Cloud is custom-fabricated and crafted using a 1970s Ishiwata touring frame, and is designed as a sleek single speed ride that comes fitted with a coaster hub brake.


n.1 BROJ Messenger Bike

[53cm frame, coaster brake]

[Clear Metallic Finish]

Custom-fabricated, restored and built! BROJ is created from a 1970s Classic Bridgestone racing frame. This classic Brit-inspired stallion is made for the city streets. If fast pursuits, traffic busting and chic outerwear are your daily staples, BROJ is the one for you!


n.3 TROJE Messenger Bike

[53cm frame, fixed wheel/freewheel]

[White & Gold]

Our inspiration for TROJE came from one of our all-time favourites by the Smashing Pumpkins, “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”. We wanted to create a bike that is strong, light and edgy – and a little rock-ish. TROJE is custom-fabricated, restored and built from a 1970s Classic Bridgestone racing frame and using art and craft to build an ever evolving interpretation of a vintage track bike.


FABRICIA Messenger Bike

[48cm frame, coaster brake]

[white & bronze]

Zip around the city with Fabricia! Hand-crafted and custom built, Fabricia is a smooth, classic ride that runs on 20-inch tyres and built with a cruisey coaster-hub ride that are perfect for shuttling around town for appointments and the occasional expresso break.


FREJUS Messenger Bike

[52cm frame; single speeder]


Specially designed, fully-restored and custom fabricated using an early 1980s Frejus track frame, Frejus is sleek, beautifully-proportioned and rides like a dream. This classic single speed ride  is crafted and re-proportioned to accommodate wider tyres, vintage parts and accessories from our atelier. Laced with Bianchi Sport hubs, classic 700c Michelin tyres, Atlas stem, Triumph cottered crank and a Brooks Swallow saddle, this dapper ride is now ready to roll along the banks.


ATHENA Messenger Bike

[52cm frame, single speed/ coaster hub]

[Olive Grey]

Athena is for fast inner city commutes or that weekend round island ride. We picked a strong and relatively light Bridgestone RB-T frame from the late 1970s for your race against modern machinery. Steering would a breeze with its classic touring geometry. The frame has been re-fabricated, new laser-cut drop outs have been inserted, stays and forks shortened from its 27 inch setup to a 700c to bring out the clean lines of a traditional track bike. For that finishing touch, we added a vintage Phillip stem with a new riser bar and it’s good to go!


© Vanguard Designs

SORRAIA Messenger Bike

[60cm frame, single speed / coaster hub]

[Frost Bite Steel Finish]

Handcrafted with Columbus Aelle tubings and pre-cast lugs from the 70s, Sorraia is an elegant ride that is conceived and created as a one-geared speeding machine. With our very own laser cut dropouts and an Olmo fork, this ride just needed that magic touch from Ghisallo’s rims, Victtoria tubulars, a vintage Raleigh aero drop bar and is ready to hit the streets.


SALUKI Messenger Bike

[58cm frame, single speed / coaster hub]

[Chrome & Frost Bite Steel Finish]

Fully restored, re-fabricated and built, Saluki’s Tange road frame sports a sleek two tone metal finish, and with a shorter wheel base and clearance from its original 10-speed set up. Designed as an upright urban commuter and paired with charming Ghisallo wooden rims, Saluki is kept simple and lightweight in both its form and function.


TRISTAN Messenger Bike

[52.5cm, single speed / coaster hub]

[Gun Metal Silver]

Tristan is a back-to-basics urban commuter that is specially built up using a strong and lightweight double butted Tange Cr-Mo frame from the 1970s, and equipped with Tange componentry for an ultra smooth ride. He is fitted with a rear coaster hub brake,  a front handbrake incorporating vintage N.O.S Japanese parts, mid-sized 26inch tyres, Brooks leatherwear as well as a Nitto moustache bar.





BRIE Messenger Bike

[44cm frame, fixed wheel]

[Vintage Gloss Black]

Brie sees the world in a dreamlike, metaphorical and poetic way. Specially handcrafted using cromoly steel tubings, this charming ride is build as a miniature version of Vanguard’s Churchill bike. Scaled down to a smaller frame size, Brie is fitted with front and rear brakes, maple wood grips, a plush Brooks saddle and spins effortlessly on a 700c front tyre. Use it as an alternative commuter or just ride for the fun of it, Brie takes you on a different kind of journey every time.


BISCOTTI Messenger Bike

[51cm frame, single speed / coaster hub]

[Frost Bike Steel Finish & Chrome]

Biscotti – inspired by music, and conceived to express the delicate balance between machine and nature – brings out the best in zippy urban cycling in true rock and roll fashion. Re-designed and lovingly handcrafted using a N.O.S 1970s Bridgestone racing frame and fitted with a coaster hub brake and some leather straps to churn those cranks, Biscotti is one hellava soulful tune that takes urban riding to new heights.


BYRON Messenger Bike

[Brushed Stainless Steel & Chrome]

Byron is conceived as a minimal, raw and sleek velocipede. Vanguard used a rare 1960s Kobayashi 10-speed touring frame as a canvas for this unique ride. Byron is paired with classic 27-inch aero rims, Nitto ADB-X bars, matching saddle and grips. Simple in both its form and function, this steel stallion comes fitted with a fixed wheel/single speed combo for all your urban pursuits!


YURA Messenger Bike

[61cm, fixed wheel]

[Copper & Satin White]

Inspired by light at the break of dawn, industrial art, and Radiohead buzzing from speakers, Yura is a traffic-stopping, head-turning ‘angelic beast’ that has been completely re-designed, re-engineered and transformed into an urban fixed gear ride. Its 1970s Panasonic 10-speed road frame has been given a complete overhaul – with full fabrication and modification works done, and fitted with vintage MX lever, 1960s Milano Stem and dropbar, Brooks Swift saddle, with the added touch of copper dust painted rims and pristine white carbon bar tape.

Price: SGD3,950

available at W Hotel, Sentosa

EDDY MERCKX Ti AX Messenger Bike

[50cm frame, 18 speed Campagnolo C Record]

[Titanium & Carbon]

A special collector’s Eddy Merckx Ti AX ride! Built by Litespeed in the 1990s, this ultra smooth and lightweight machine is fully fitted with Campagnolo Record groupset, carbon seatpost and Campagnolo Bora wheelset. Small in size but big in performance, this Merckx is ready to go the distance.



[50cm frame, 12 speed Campagnolo Super Record]

[Team Motorola Colours]

The Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra features a N.O.S individually handcrafted late 1980s Corsa Extra frame custom built up with re-conditioned Campagnolo Super Record parts and componentry. With superb lug work and sleek Columbus SLX tubings, this little Merckx comes fitted with a Unicator saddle, Mavic Open Pro rims and Continental 4000 tyres.


JIYUU Messenger Bike

[52.5cm frame, 3 speed Sturmey Archer] [Raw Lacquer]

Jiyuu is inspired by riding sessions along Singapore’s Lorong Halus - a mixture of untouched nature, military base and a beautiful new cycling track. Created from a vintage Bridgestone MB1 frame, this street tracker was custom fabricated to accommodate Maxxis’s Holy Roller tyres and built with specially selected parts and componentry. Fitted with 1970s N.O.S Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub and a front drum brake, Jiyuu churns out the gravel with an Ofmega crank and half link chain. Keeping things raw yet refined, a Whizzer fork was fitted together with wooden board track style handlebar and leather cable housing. Let’s ride!

Price: SGD$3,500


LIZZY Messenger Bike

[61cm frame, single speed / fixed wheel]

[Champagne & Matt Black]

Lizzy is created with this handbuilt Columbus frame, Aerospoke rim, ITM stem, a vintage Ofmega crank, an Odyssey saddle and slender ride sports Schwalbe Blizzard tyres. Strap into those Sturmey Archer toe clips and sprint along the streets upright with the Porteur handlebar.

Price: SGD$2,450